Derby Uni's Email Timeline 2012


Dear Investigators,

Enclosed is a timeline of documents, emails, academic writing and events of my experience in Derby during 2012. As you can see this was a long and  complicated  project, drawing documents from various sources, but unlike the University's document packs, it is a rigorous description of events. It is both comprehensive, including correspondence  with various Derby staff members and is arranged chronologically. General emails sent to all EdD students are also included where their contents reflect on the sequence of events. This presentation will make your to reading and reviewing easier.  I am in the process of preparing similar timelines for 2013, 2014 and 2015, during which the misconduct of the staff at Derby escalated. These will be sent to you in the next few days. I sincerely hope that the case handler will read all these documents, and I cannot be pressurised by your threat of me losing my place in the  priority queue.

I relate to this project as part of my auto-ethnographic research process/journey. As a doctoral student, It is my duty, and I am obliged to reflect on the procedure carried at by you in a similar manner to the way I carried out my research so far.