Derby Uni Email Timeline 07-11


The following is a timeline of events, seminars, my written assignments-submissions and emails, from my enrollment in 2007 until 2012, when my supervision package was changed.  I include this to present the positive atmosphere and supervisory relationship that existed between my group students and the University staff. The positive and constructive feedback provided by my supervisors is obvious. Furthermore, we were encouraged to work together as a team for discussing and reflecting on each other’s work and supporting each other. Please also note my B, B, and C grades, which were later moderated and differed from my grades published on the University website. In 2012, all the Derby staff involved in my supervision Prof. Michael Kreindler, Dr John Dolan, Prof David Davies and Prof Marie Parker-Jenkins mentioned here, left the University for Various Reasons. The whole attitude towards me and all of the Israeli students changed drastically when our supervision package was changed at this time, which is evident in my correspondence with the staff at Derby from 2012 onward. From that time on, my research and academic writing that was previously acknowledged and appreciated by my supervisors, (including Dr Poultney whose signature appears on one of my assignments in 2007) were either dismissed without justification or ignored.

I am preparing a few more documents that I will send in the next few days.

Thank you for your patience