Derby Uni's Email Timeline 2013


Dear investigator,

Following my last correspondence with you, I am now attaching my  2013 timeline of evidence. This timeline again shows the clear misconduct of the supervisory staff members involved in my supervision and their deliberate disorganization of data and omission of documents creating their biased narrative of who I am. By rearranging these documents chronologically,  including the omitted documents, and including my comments,  the true picture emerges. I trust therefore that you will judge according to the complete and rigorous  data I presented.

In the next few days, I will be sending the last two years of documented evidence from 2014-2015

These last timelines will take some time as they include the most complex documents. I am working on it around the clock and have had almost no sleep over the past few weeks' for you attention.

Thank you again for your patience,