Derby Uni's Email Timeline 2015


Dear Investigators,

I am attaching here my 2015 timeline. This concludes  my review of the events that occurred between myself and the University. The irony is that my supervisors main complaint about me was that I didn’t send in written work while they ignored the articles I did send them. The 2015 timeline includes a large series of my letters to the University, composed in fluent academic English, which I believe, are enough to comprise a doctorate thesis in themselves.

I am still preparing another few documents which will support my claim that the University has committed various crimes while dealing with my research and complaint, including copyright theft, slander, fraud, and falsification of documents. I will  be sending these to you in the next few days, together with my  letter  concluding and summarising my review. 

I have already lodged a complaint with the UK Police with respect to these crimes.

Ofer Erez