Paul Weller’s new research guidelines

On 19 October 2015 at 00:17, Ofer wrote to Casework OIA

Dear Investigators, 
While preparing my 2015 timeline, I came across this general letter sent to all PGR students from Prof. Paul Weller at the Research Office at Derby, on the subject of Updates for professional doctorate students. At the time it was sent in Jan 2015, I was engrossed in my complaint procedure with the university, which reached a climax at this time. It was then that I realised that the whole process was being completed without me being granted an opportunity to verbally present my case,  as the complaint procedure regulations clearly dictate. I admit that I did not carefully read this email at the time, since I had almost lost all hope that I would ever achieve any academic discussion relating to my research from the staff at Derby. 
Over the past few days I have carefully read every word in this correspondence, since the issues discussed on making changes in carrying out PGR research across the university, immediately reminded me of the ideas I had discussed in my ReachingOut in Knowledge Evolution article sent to my supervisors and many other Derby staff in 2012 (sent to you in my 2007-2012 timeline previously). This article was ridiculed and ignored by the staff at Derby, and it was declared that I was not progressing on my research. When I finally absorbed the content of this email from Prof Weller, written in rather incoherent English, I decided that their were two possibilities. The first was that the University was extracting and copying ideas from my article, while at the same time not acknowledging what I wrote, and thus enabling them to take credit for the ideas contained within it. The second possibility was that my combined research process with Anat, was exactly the kind of project that all of Derby University was striving to develop, and for some reason we have been discriminated against, ignored and impeded instead of being encouraged.
For these reasons, I thought it was important to send you this document immediately, for your review and evaluation

In the next few days, I will complete my 2015 timeline and send it to you for your review.

Thank You