Derby Uni's Email Timeline 2014


Dear case investigator,

The following is 2014 timeline of events documenting the line of communication with the faculty staff at Derby. 

This year was the most significant period in my experience with the University, and the timeline shows the escalation of the misconduct of the supervisory staff and its consequences. 

Attached to this timeline is also a letter from my critical colleague, Dr Anna Cristal-Lilov, who has invested much of her individual time, in order to help me organise and present this evidence. I requested her help since she is an X-Brit. (helping me eliminate any language or cultural misunderstandings), and due to my poor organisational skills being part of my ADHD.  Anna has assisted me greatly over the past 18 months and has been critically involved in every event that occurred involving the staff at Derby with respect to their insensitive communication and misdirection (both administrative and academic) of myself during that time. Each of these events was then examined together with Anat Ben Salmon my professional partner and co-EdD student-researcher.  Please consider Anna's letter carefully, as an important piece of the evidence in my case, as is, of course, the most significant 2014 timeline following her letter. 

The next and the last email you will receive will cover the 2015 timeline up till the present.

Thank you