OIA Investigation Conclusion Letter

Dear Investigators, 
Attached is my letter which concludes my review of the document packs sent to you by the University. In this letter, I highlight the new findings and insights which I discovered while reviewing the University’s representations sent to you, which revealed that their misconduct and even crimes directed towards me during the time I have been a student there were even a more blatant and serious than I previously thought. I will also emphasise here the misconduct committed by the university staff during the process of presenting their documentation to you, which was a clever but messy attempt to misrepresent the facts. Please note that Anat and I have toiled over the preparation of this review of the University’s documents, for nearly four months. We were determined to do this, as we still feel ethically obligated to complete and publish our research. Much of the organisation and editing of this project was carried out by Dr Anna Cristal-Lilov, our English speaking colleague and Physician, who devoted her precious time to us voluntarily, recognising that she could not ethically and professionally ignore our dilemma. Anna brought her critical review skills to this project and has attempted to present the facts to you in a manner that will make your review of the case easier. The academic background research which was required in order to understand the case, the investigation of the factual evidence, and the organisation of the presentation in writing, which totalled over 1000 pages, could comprise a doctoral thesis in itself. I presented my complaint to you in May 2015. At the end of July 2015 the University sent you their documents, and you provided me with less than a month to review them. When I requested an extension to complete this task in a more comprehensible fashion, you told me that I would lose my place in the queue. I was also told that I would be informed when an OIA investigator would be begin reviewing my case. This was three months ago, and I have received no correspondence from you whatsoever since them. Please inform me as soon as possible, as to whether you have begun my investigation and when I can expect to receive your conclusions. I have great respect for your organisation, and consider you to be the institution which is the highest authority to acknowledge the misconduct of the University, and act to make a unequivocal change. However, the absence of any communication with me for the last three months is a cause for concern.
I am eagerly awaiting your response
Ofer Erez