Dennis Hayes Wall of Shame

Prof. Dennis Hayes- who presented himself as my new supervisor after Prof Kreindler was removed. Prof Hayes had started with showing me that he had beliefs in my and Ofer's abilities to make a successful contribution by our research process, and in us as a well qualified candidates. However, in fact had misguided me in a way that I have almost jeopardize my ethics and integrity, and my partnership with my co- researcher. At the moment I realized what I almost put at risk and decided that my ethics and integrity are not something that my professor can posses, my professor, my supervisor, had threatened that he would not support me and that he would not let me be examined by external figures as all candidates are in order to get objective judgment on the quality of my work. I was not ready to submit at the price of loosing my integrity as a researcher and that led to disconnection of my supervisor and later Board's decision to fail my work and drop me out of the program.

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